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of01.jpg (43859 bytes)

Opposing Force gets its own giant sign at E3. Oddly it's still using the orange Half-Life background rather than the re-colored green that would ultimately become associated with the game.

  of02.jpg (35150 bytes)

This area appears in the final game, but the radioactive waste on the ground is missing here. Two doors are also visible that were evidently removed later on.

 of03.jpg (33737 bytes)

The first of many shots in what appears to be a test level designed to show off the new monsters appearing in Opposing Force.

Here we see the world's first glimpse of the marine zombie.

  of04.jpg (30938 bytes)

The commander marine. Apparently he's wearing a red beret, like the original HL commander marine, instead of a black one. Also, he's appears to be using Barney's idle animation rather than any grunt animation.

of05.jpg (29046 bytes)

The first appearance of the drill sergeant.

 of06.jpg (53274 bytes)

Otis, the lovable, dim-witted security guard. This seems to be a variation that did not appear in the final game. This Otis is wearing a helmet and his face is slightly fatter. Although the Otis model in singleplayer changed, this old version of Otis is what the multiplayer model is based on.

 of07.jpg (40249 bytes)

A clean suit scientist. Using a frame from his walking animation while idle indicates that the model did not have any animations at this time.

  of08.jpg (48830 bytes)

A different shot of the commander with another marine. It's interesting to note here that they both are using a torso variation with shotgun shells on it. This shotgun shell torso was removed in the high definition pack for some reason, so this variation ended up being mostly forgotten.

 of09.jpg (46887 bytes)

A Barney zombie next to the marine zombie.

 of10.jpg (45052 bytes)

The pit drone. Here it seems to have a mechanical device on his head, and the texture on his face looks to be different.

 of11.jpg (44188 bytes)

Otis in an exhilarating combat situation. Although Otis appears here in the final game, no marine zombies or pit drones are present. They were probably all put in this area just to show off some of the new monster entities.

It's worth noting now that many of these beta OpFor shots have shadows on the models. This was an old feature in the Half-Life engine that was eventually disabled during one of the updates (Blue Shift uses this older version, though, so shadows can be still be enabled in it).

Run, Otis, Run!

The radioactive waste spilling from the door is now visible, but nothing exists on the ground yet. Also, the player is holding the glock pistol, which aside from having it earlier than normal, to me it seems like a missed opportunity to show of one of the new OpFor guns. Just a strange observation on my part, though.

This player model would eventually become the grunt model in multiplayer, albeit with a smidgen more camouflage face paint.

Considering that a similarly posed picture appears on the back of the Opposing Force box using the current Shephard model, this could imply that the guy seen in this screenshot was what Shephard was going to look like at one point. Alternatively, this model could have just been a placeholder, or it wasn't intentionally meant to represent the player character in any way to begin with.

 of12.jpg (137857 bytes)

A grunt takes on a pit drone. This is the old enemy Half-Life grunt model being used rather than the newly created OpFor friendly grunts.

of13.jpg (106330 bytes)

The mechanical device and the different face texture on the pit drone can be seen very clearly here. Race X creatures and Xen creatures almost never encounter one another in the finished game; possibly intentionally. This pit drone being in such close proximity to an alien slave is a bit of an oddity.

of14.jpg (168497 bytes)

Another look at the old helmet Otis. He is actually playing a scripted animation, so it's unlikely he is actually reacting to the alien slave (which curiously has recently bled, but still appears to be ignoring both the player and the Otis). Also, the door to the tram isn't open and this area is long before the player gets the barnacle weapon.

of15.jpg (157545 bytes) of16.jpg (262866 bytes) More shadows, mechanical devices, and different pit drone textures.
of17.jpg (41991 bytes) Another use of the enemy Half-Life grunts as allies.
of18.jpg (30727 bytes) This is the area where the player has to push a small metal box around in order to solve a series of puzzles. Although there is a blood spot on the ground here, there is no scientist present in this part of the hallway.
An odd scripted sequence that never appears in the final game. The OpFor grunts don't even have these animations. This is the area where the robotic walker is found stuck in radioactive waste, although it's looking quite clean here.
of20.jpg (46247 bytes) The barnacle weapon being used in another part of the game before it's possible to get it.
of21.jpg (30126 bytes) A marine zombie in the infirmary section and the player holding the wrench before it's possible to acquire it.
of22.jpg (32679 bytes) Now this is an odd sight. The player is inside the room with the scripted scene involving the marine zombie and the cleansuit scientist, but somehow there's already a marine zombie outside the window.
A marine zombie throwing the cleansuit scientist through the window. Nothing particularly beta-y here.
It's impossible to kill the marine zombie at this point, and it actually won't even walk this close to the door to allow the Otis in the area to shoot at it. There are also no Slick scientists in the area.
The Otis you find in this room is the non-bald, non-mustache version.
of23.jpg (99138 bytes) of24.jpg (54867 bytes) The pit drones have lost the mechanical device on their head, but they still have the different face texture.
of25.jpg (118793 bytes) of26.jpg (71650 bytes) of27.jpg (85733 bytes) More shadows, but otherwise these areas appear to be the same.
of28.jpg (57630 bytes)

Another look at the helmet Otis.
This area has been altered slightly in the finished game. The door under the emergency lights has been removed completely, possibly to make it more obvious to the player that it's necessary to go through the vent.
The engineer originally had a beard, as seen in this Osprey intro level screenshot. Incidentally, the grunt head variation with the bandana on the right is not used elsewhere in the game, suggesting that this was the original SAW grunt's head before being changed, but this occurrence was left as it is.
Same as the above, only smaller and blurrier.

This scientist in the first screenshot appears to be walking in place, which indicates a missing animation (Either performing the resuscitation or standing up). The broken table in this room also seems to be missing, although it could be just a little off screen.
Two medics in an area where there was only one. The black medic (who appears to also have a beard like the engineer) was never used in the game.
A clear shot of the engineer's beard.

The maintenance door these two grunts normally blow up can still be seen intact in the background. Also, aside from the engineer, the other grunt you normally find is a commander with a shotgun, not a gas mask grunt with a machine gun.

More shadow-y goodness.

There are a few anomalies in the screenshot with the male Black Ops ninja assassin guy. It looks as if the player has already opened the garage door leading to the wounded engineer. The boxes normally in the room are missing hear, although they may have simply been destroyed earlier. One thing that can't be easily explained is the fact that the giant nuke missile appears to be floating in a somewhat random position in this room pointing in a different direction that is seen in the final game (Check the screenshot with the two medics above to see where the missile is normally located).

The shock roach's spikes are white instead of yellow.




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