Gearbox Software was slated to release a port to the Sega Dreamcast under contract by Valve and their
then publisher Sierra On-Line near the end of 2000. At the ECTS 2000, a build of the game was playable on
the publisher's stand, and developers Randy Pitchford and Brian Martel were in attendance to show it off and give
interviews to the press. However, despite only being weeks from going gold, it was never commercially released;
Sierra announced that Half-Life on Dreamcast was cancelled "due to changing market conditions" (presumably
the third-party abandonment of the failing Dreamcast). The following year Sierra On-Line showed a PlayStation 2
port at E3 2001. This version was released in North America in late October of the same year, followed
by a European release just a month later. Around the same time, Half-Life: Blue Shift, which was
intended to be a Dreamcast exclusive Midquel, was released on PC as the second Half-life Expansion Pack.

Although it has never officially being released, the Dreamcast version was leaked onto the Internet, and was
proven to be fully playable; it contains the full versions of Half-Life and Blue Shift, both with an early version of the
High Definition Pack (it was from this port that the pack was spawned), but has a somewhat inconsistent framerate
(though never to the point of unplayability) and lengthier load times when the player moves from area to area
(around ten seconds, while today's average PC can load an area in around one and a half). Also, there
are some saving problems; the number of blocks on a VMU increases rapidly as the player reaches
the end of a level. While the game allows you to remove files to increase space, sometimes it still isn't enough. 


dc01.jpg (64959 bytes) dc20.jpg (37572 bytes)

Although the High Definition Pack that came with the PC version of Blue-Shift was primarily made from the Dreamcast models, judging from these screenshots, it appears that there were many changes made to them before they reached their final form. Many of these models even differ from the models seen in the leaked DC game, indicating that they were changing quite frequently throughout development.

The commander grunt had a much more human-like (And creepy looking) face.

dc06.jpg (40434 bytes) dc07.jpg (49202 bytes)

A human grunt with black arms and a white neck. That's quite an odd tan. Apparently, Gearbox avoided this problem entirely by giving the gas mask a flap, thereby covering the neck entirely.

dc18.jpg (59060 bytes)

Creepy looking commander and unevenly tanned grunts fire at nothing while a random explosion goes off in the background.

For some reason, many of these Dreamcast screenshots show shadows enabled. Could this mean shadows were once planned for the DC port?

dc02.jpg (52302 bytes) dc04.jpg (55968 bytes)

dc22.jpg (47681 bytes)

This appears to be a weird hybrid of the original zombie model and the high definition version. It has the brown pants and a modeled vein thing on his right arm just like the high definition model, but for some reason this was all done in the style of the original low-poly zombie. This model is seen in the leaked DC game.

dc03.jpg (63758 bytes) dc08.jpg (44438 bytes)

dc12.jpg (30670 bytes) dc21.jpg (47089 bytes)

dc23.jpg (77884 bytes)

The alien slave (aka Vortigaunt) had a much more detailed model and skin, but it looked very cartoonish. Apparently this model was completely scrapped for the high definition pack. This model is seen in the leaked DC game.

The last screenshot uses a non-standard resolution for a console game (800x600 as opposed to 640x480 or some equivalent), and the dead HEV suit model does not match the HEV suit model seen in the leaked DC game. This may indicate that this screenshot is from the PC version of Blue Shift, and therefore suggests that this particular alien slave model may have lasted quite long into development before being replaced by the current high definition model.

dc05.jpg (42309 bytes)

All the scientists have a much altered appearance here than what would eventually be released in the high definition pack. Aside from their different heads, they all seem to have unusual looking ties. Here, Slick has brown hair instead of black.

dc17.jpg (46163 bytes)

Walter, and a close-up of that weird tie.

This head model is the same one used for Rosenberg.

dc14.jpg (40572 bytes) dc16.jpg (40289 bytes)

Luther. The tie seems to have changed to the current high definition style, which incidentally looks much more like the original scientist model's tie.

dc10.jpg (26524 bytes) dc11.jpg (35318 bytes)

Einstein, and the current high definition style tie.

dc09.jpg (44501 bytes)

A couple of bullsquids lounging around in Xen. These bullsquids models look to be based on the original low-poly model, rather than a completely new model as seen in the finished high-definition pack. One obvious difference is that the bullsquids have very pronounced orange eyes, but upon closer inspection, blue spots can also be seen on their backs. This model is seen in the leaked DC game.

dc13.jpg (40904 bytes)

The low detail armor vest looks like it's being used here instead of the high definition model. Somewhat curious as the DC version was always boasting improved models, unless Gearbox was planning for the PC release all along with optional low and high definition models, and accidentally left these low detail models in when this screenshot was taken.

dc15.jpg (37984 bytes)

A very bizarre houndeye model. It's a completely new model based on the original houndeye, but was made much fatter and rounder model for some reason. This model is seen in the leaked DC game.

dc19.jpg (50135 bytes)

The high definition M4 model curiously coupled with the original low detail HEV arms.

As a large testament to just how close the Dreamcast version of Half-Life came to being released, it appears a Prima strategy guide was completed and ready to be shipped at the same time as the game. Alas, the game release was cancelled, and this guide obviously became a bit pointless.

I believe I found the pictures of this guide on an eBay auction, meaning that I foolishly missed the chance to purchase this item.

The alleged cover for the game. I cannot find a definite source as to where this image came from (And why it would have been released, aside from promotional purposes), but seeing as it matches the cover of the guide seen above, I believe that this is a legitimate version of what the game cover would have looked like. For some reason, Gearbox is not listed on the front of it, however.




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